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Juniper IP Consultancy Legal Notice

Dear Visitors,

The information on this website and in the newsletters we have sent to you has been prepared for informational purposes only; It should not be used as a legal opinion in any way. In this context, the information mentioned may become outdated due to changes in the legislation in force and may not reflect the latest version of the legal developments in force. In this context, you should consult authorized persons for legal advice before making any decision or taking any action using the information on this site.

We make every effort to obtain the information on this site from reliable sources. However, Juniper IP Consultancy cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies or omissions in the information contained on this site or for the consequences arising from the use of this information.

This website and the information contained therein cannot be used to solicit business or any other similar gain and/or for advertising purposes. All visitors using the site are deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions.

All information and files on this site are owned by Juniper IP Consultancy. Written information, documents and logos within the scope of intellectual property rights are the property of Juniper IP Consultancy and cannot be copied, reproduced or used without written permission.

Unless expressly given written permission by Juniper IP Consultancy, opening new link addresses on this site and/or creating link addresses to this site is strictly prohibited.

Any information sent to Juniper IP Consultancy by fax and/or e-mail or any other use of this site or the information it contains does not create a client relationship in any way. All information and documents contained in this site are purely personal and are not intended for commercial distribution in any way. Visitors cannot claim that the information provided on the site is incorrect or that they have been harmed due to this information. Juniper IP Consultancy accepts no responsibility or liability for any actions taken by visitors based on the information provided on this site.

Juniper IP Consultancy does not accept any responsibility for the information and materials published by third parties and does not directly or indirectly endorse the statements and opinions contained in the information published by such third parties. Juniper IP Consultancy reserves the right to remove information belonging to third parties from the site that it considers inappropriate for any reason.

Juniper IP Consultancy

Address: Grand Pera, Istiklal Caddesi 56/58 Floor:3 Apartment:5 Taksim, Beyoglu, Istanbul, 34435, Turkey

Phone: (+90) 850 309 57 15

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