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Customs Recordal

At Juniper IP, we understand that safeguarding your brand's intellectual property rights is paramount in today's global market.


Our dedicated team specializes in providing a range of services that offer complete customs protection solutions. Whether it's filing customs recordals, renewing existing registrations, monitoring customs enforcement, or providing expert consultancy on countering counterfeiting at customs, we have you covered. We protect the commercial rights of your brand, especially in countries that are at the top of the world rankings in the use of fake products and brand names.

Comprehensive Customs Recordal Services for Total Brand Protection

Our Core Areas of Expertise

Filing of Customs Records

Our team works meticulously constantly monitors customs activities in cooperation with the relevant authorities. We carefully monitor incoming shipments to detect potentially counterfeit or infringing products. This real-time monitoring allows us to take quick action when necessary, preventing these products from entering the market and protecting your brand's reputation.

Renewal of Customs Recordals

Maintaining your customs recordals is as crucial as obtaining them. Our firm takes care of the entire renewal process, ensuring that your brand's protection remains robust and uninterrupted. We proactively manage renewal deadlines, ensuring your intellectual property rights are continuously safeguarded against emerging threats.

Monitoring Customs Protection

Our expert team will guide you through the intricate process of filing customs recordals to register your intellectual property rights with customs authorities worldwide. This proactive step ensures that your brand is shielded from counterfeit and infringing goods even before they enter your target markets. By partnering with customs authorities in various countries, we create a strong line of defense against counterfeiters on a global scale.

Consultancy for IP Right Holders

In the event of suspected counterfeit or infringing goods at customs, our expert consultants step in to provide guidance and support. We assist IP right holders in taking the most effective and legally sound actions to combat counterfeiting. Whether it involves initiating legal proceedings, coordinating with customs authorities, or implementing strategic measures, we tailor our consultancy to meet your specific needs.

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