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Trademarks and Brands Protections

As Juniper Ip, we strive to ensure the security of your brand identity by protecting your company's trademarks and service marks. 

We provide the support you need with our versatile service area covering all aspects of protection, from international trademark registration and portfolio management to dispute resolution and enforcement.

The Key Benefits of Trademark Protection

Filing the cancellation actions at Turkpatent and drafting strategies about the cancellation actions

Rights related transactions (license agreements, assignments, change of names or addresses, amendments, cancellations, renewal etc.)

Reporting to clients and associates on the status or progress of Intellectual Property Rights/applications/registrations concerned; and carrying negotiations out about co-existence and letter of consent

Answering all client/associate inquiries regarding requirements of filing applications for registration of Intellectual Property Rights in the Jurisdictions

Preparing and filing of applications for recordation of Intellectual Property

Preparing, filing, and prosecuting, and responding to notices of Oppositions relating to Intellectual Property Rights applications

Provisions of legal advice/consultations to clients and associates on all aspects of intellectual property rights laws in the Jurisdiction

Updating clients and associates on new developments in Intellectual Property laws in the Jurisdictions

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