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About Us

Juniper Tree

Our Story

We are inspired by the holy and determined reign of the juniper tree over the years. Like these resilient trees that stand strong even in the harshest conditions of winter, we are here with our stance and determination that time cannot defeat.


Just as these junipers represent their endurance and strength by holding their leaves tightly, we aim to defend originality and lasting value, which are intellectual property rights. Like the hardy juniper, these rights take root and develop over centuries, embodying qualities that continue to resonate through the ages. 


Our name, "Juniper IP," encapsulates our commitment to deep-rooted stability and our openness to innovation. With a solid philosophy, an unwavering stance, a wealth of experience, and deep knowledge, we build strong connections and are ready to support you as your representative in the protection of intellectual property rights not only in Turkey but around the world.

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