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Don't Hinder Your New Invention: What is a Patentability Search and Why is it Important?

You've developed a new invention and decided to apply for a patent. However, before filing a patent application, there's an important step you need to consider: a Patentability Search. This search is the foundation for determining the originality of your idea and whether it is suitable for obtaining a patent. Therefore, it is one of the most critical steps you will take to protect your new invention.

What is a Patentability Search?

A patentability search is a preliminary search conducted to determine whether there is a similar patent application anywhere in the world for your invention, new product, or utility model whether a similar one has been previously granted. This way, you can prevent your efforts and investments from going to waste.

What are the Benefits of a Patentability Search?

Identifying the existence of similar inventions: A preliminary search reveals whether the invention to be applied for has been previously registered in a similar manner. This reduces the risk of possible rejection of the application.

Facilitating commercial evaluation: Knowing whether there are similar inventions helps evaluate the commercial value of the invention. If there are similar inventions, this can affect the market entry strategies for the invention.

Reducing costs: Conducting a preliminary search before filing a patent application prevents unnecessary costs. If there is a similar invention and obtaining a patent is not possible, the application costs are avoided.

Expediting the registration process: A preliminary search can expedite the registration process by revealing the existence of similar inventions. In case of rejection of the application, it is possible to expedite the process by filing a corrected application.

How to Conduct a Patentability Search?

There are different methods to conduct a patentability search:

  1. Using free patent databases

  2. Through patent attorneys

While free patent databases are available, they can be challenging to use because they require strong foreign language skills to be used effectively.

Correct descriptions and keywords related to the invention should be entered into the databases, and the results should be examined individually. This process can be time-consuming and misleading, so it is possible to access information more accurately, practically, and quickly through patent attorneys.

Having a patentability search conducted before making an official patent application ensures that you are certain your application is new and patentable. This significantly increases your chances of obtaining a patent. Remember, a patentability search is one of the most important investments you can make to protect your idea and turn it into a commercial success.

It is advisable to seek the services of an expert consultant or patent attorney for a patentability search. This ensures that the search is more effective and efficient. Additionally, getting professional support is important to expand the scope of the search and to identify similar inventions more accurately.

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