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Europe's New Hope for the Green Deal: Sustainable Products

On December 4, 2023, the European Parliament and Council made a historic decision by adopting the "Ecodesign Criteria Regulation for Sustainable Products," a crucial component of the European Green Deal. This regulation introduces new criteria focused on sustainability and durability for products introduced to the European Union market..

Scope of the Regulation

The regulation will cover a wide range of product groups including household appliances, electronic devices, textile products, furniture, and building materials. All these product groups will have to comply with the new ecodesign criteria, which consider the entire lifecycle of products and focus on the following areas:

Durability and Repairability: Regulations will be made to ensure products are longer-lasting and easily repairable.

Energy Efficiency: Products will be encouraged to consume less energy and be more efficient.

Recyclability: Regulations will be implemented to use recycled materials in product manufacturing and ensure products can be recycled after their life cycle ends.

Chemical Substances: The use of hazardous chemicals in products will be restricted or banned.

Sustainable Raw Materials: The use of sustainable and eco-friendly raw materials in product manufacturing will be encouraged.

Benefits of the Regulation

The regulation is expected to offer numerous benefits for both the environment and the economy. With the implementation of this regulation:

  • Environmental Pollution Will Decrease: Reduced energy consumption and waste production by products will decrease environmental pollution.

  • Resource Savings Will Be Achieved: Longer-lasting products and the use of recyclable materials will lead to resource savings.

  • Economic Growth Will Be Stimulated: The demand for sustainable products will increase, leading to the creation of new job opportunities and contributing to economic growth.

Transition to Sustainable Products

With the enforcement of the regulation, manufacturers will be given a certain period to comply with the new criteria. During this time, manufacturers will need to redesign their products according to the new criteria and adjust their production processes accordingly.

The Ecodesign Criteria Regulation for Sustainable Products marks a significant milestone in the European Green Deal. This regulation will lead to a major shift towards sustainability and durability in products offered in the European Union market, benefiting both the environment and the economy.

The new regulation will also introduce innovations such as product labeling rules, the prohibition of disposing of unsold products, and the implementation of a digital product passport. Except for areas like pharmaceuticals and livestock, the regulation is expected to affect nearly all sectors.

For more details and comprehensive analysis, see the report:

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